Types of Agriculture


Agriculture is one of the most widespread activities on earth, but it is not the same everywhere. There are different ways to classify agriculture and everything you need is the best stump grinder to clearing land for farm animals.

Nomadic Herding

Nomadic herding depends on the number of animals in natural pastures. People from semi-arid and arid areas carry out this practice. North Africa, parts of Arabia, and parts of northern Eurasia are typical for this herding type. It is a type of subsistence farming.

Shifting Cultivation


In this technique, the land is obtained by clearing the land from the forest using the cut-and-burn method. The land is then cultivated for a few years, or until fertility declines or the land is covered with weeds and other native plants. Now the farmers proceed to clear another area of the forest. In reality, this is a type of subsistence farming that is almost always done by hand. This type of agriculture is usually practiced by people living in tropical regions such as Northeast Asia, where the focus is on crops.

Intensive Subsistence Farming

It is a variation of the former farming type made for areas where rainfall is not as significant. In these regions, cereals are grown alongside rice, such as wheat seedlings and millet. In addition to the relatively less humid areas of Asia, North Africa and parts of the Middle East also use this type of crop.

Commercial Plantations

Although this type of cultivation is practiced in a relatively small area, it is crucial in commercial costs. This type of cultivation’s main products is tropical crops such as tea, coffee, rubber, and palm oil. This form of agriculture has increased in Asia, Africa, and Latin America, where Europeans’ influence has been maintained. Almost all plantations were established to bring tropical crops to European markets. This is a capital-intensive form of agriculture, and also, almost all of the plants are shrubs.

Specialized Horticulture


Several agriculture changes have occurred since Whittlesey’s research due to changing market conditions and evolving agricultural technology. The massive demand for fruits and vegetables from metropolitan areas has led to land-use changes in various world regions. These aspects add a vibrant character to the agricultural enterprise.